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Copy & Paste Calendar Creator

Commercial Use Produce Do you want to get started on KDP with Puzzle Books? Find the ultimate collection here. Suduko Puzzles, Mazes, and Cross Sums. Just set these up in PowerPoint, add a cover and you are ready to post your puzzle book to KDP. You can also just break this huge collection up into smaller sets and resell them! If you include 600 puzzles in each book you have enough puzzles here to make 15 books without reusing any of the puzzles. Save yourself time and money with these pre-made puzzles. What’s Inside Regular Suduko 1500 puzzles broken into 5 Sets of 300 puzzles and solutions. Levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Extreme Suduko Variations 1500 puzzles broken into 5 Sets…

Automations & Systems Series | Training

PowerPoint™ PowerUser Edition

Part of the Automations & Systems Series For the low content creator that is unsure how to utilize the available features in PowerPoint™ to streamline content creation. Time is the most valuable commodity in your arsenal, why waste it! PowerPoint™ is often overlooked as a low-cost solution for low-content planners, journals, and workbooks. But with the right knowledge and skills, you can create professional-looking planners, journals, and workbooks quickly and easily. This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to create more content without investing more time. I’ll show you how to use PowerPoint’s built-in features to cut down on creation time. By using these features, you will be able to create templates that you can use over and over. You too…