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For the low content creator that is unsure how to utilize the available features in PowerPoint to streamline content creation.

Time is the most valuable commodity in your arsenal, why waste it!

PowerPoint is often overlooked as a low-cost solution for low-content planners, journals, and workbooks. But with the right knowledge and skills, you can create professional-looking planners, journals, and workbooks quickly and easily.

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to create more content without investing more time. I’ll show you how to use PowerPoint’s built-in features to cut down on creation time. By using these features, you will be able to create templates that you can use over and over. You too will be able to change the look of a file in minutes, not hours!

You are wasting tons of money, not in cold hard cash, but in time invested.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced PowerPoint user, PowerPoint’s built-in features will come in very handy for you.

Points of Power – What you will learn with me!

  • Font sets that support your message
  • Color palettes that support your brand
  • Making templates that you can sell
  • And much more!

Workshop Details

Session Schedule – If you miss the live session via Zoom, they will be recorded and available to view later.

Every Monday in April at 1 pm EST starting April 4th.

Sign up now for just $ 67 USD

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